Focus on Quality

"We make clothes that last a lifetime, in both quality and design."

At Anecdote, we believe that great garments should last a lifetime. That’s why everything we do is to ensure that your Anecdote piece has that premium quality needed to be worn year after year; quality is essential to our brand

To guarantee this quality, we only work with carefully selected leading European suppliers and manufacturers. Family-owned businesses that have the same focus on quality and passion for creating beautiful pieces as we have.

Our knitwear is produced in a third-generation family owned factory deep in the hills of Spain, we have been working with them for over 10 years.

Our tailored garments are made in a German owned factory in Portugal. We have worked together to perfect our cuts and patterns for the last 10 years.

Our dresses and blouses are made in a family run factory just outside of Istanbul.

Our t-shirts and Do sweatshirts are made in a second-generations family run factory in Portugal with which we have worked with for over 8 years.

Materials we source are almost always locally produced, to reduce the need for unnecessary transportation, but also increases transparency in make, composition and minimize impact on nature.