Product Care

Take care of your Anecdote knits
Your Anecdote knits will last a lifetime with the right amount of love and care.
We advise not to dry clean your Anecdote garments. The chemicals can damage the wool.

All Anecdote garments are machine washable. Use a high-quality washing machine with a wool program. We recommend using a wool detergent and no softener. It is best to put each garment in a separate washing bag; a pillow bag can be used as well. We advise washing two garments in one wool wash cycle.
After washing, dry your garment flat on a towel. Wool is a heavy textile which looses its shape when hung. Be careful with direct sunlight. This can effect the colours.

Store your Anecdote garments clean and folded, avoid hanging, this will stretch the wool.

Sachets filled with lavender (and/or laced with its oil) and suspended in your closet or tucked in your drawers are said to protect woolens. They will also leave a pleasant scent behind. Lavender will not, however, kill moth eggs or larvae, so be sure the space is free of them first.