Anecdote and Sustainability

Anecdote was founded with the intention to produce items that last a lifetime aiming to integrate this philosophy in all stages of the design and production process.
Hereby, sustainability is considered in mainly two ways: First of all, in offering clothing that is timeless, durable and of excellent quality to last a lifetime, and secondly by aiming to minimize the impact on the environment in production and transportation.

The two yearly collections are mainly produced by small, family-owned ateliers in Portugal, Spain and Italy and all suppliers are selected based on their shared passion for producing high quality pieces, as well as the working- and factory conditions. The ateliers and factories are visited several times a year while the production team is in constant contact throughout the whole production process.
The carefully chosen materials are mostly produced close to the manufacturing facilities which supports the local community but also ensures transparency and the minimum need for transportation. For unique, special materials that can not be sourced locally, Anecdote requires a full breakdown of composition, make and place of origin to ensure these meet the brand’s high standards.
Moreover, Anecdote tries to keep waste to a minimum in all parts of the business. Wherever wastage or leftover materials occur, creative ways are chosen to make use of the fabrics, such as using it to develop kids clothing, bags or even curtains for in the office.

Anecdote’s main contribution to sustainability is being a slow-fashion business focussed on durable, high quality clothing while making the necessary efforts that are most practical for the business and within the capacities of our young family owned business.